African chief and wife.  Original, imposing signed masterpieces by Zimbabwe master woodcarver Shadreck Chivandire. Genuine African ironwood. Two busts sold as pair.  Shipped to you from North Dakota, USA.  Shipping costs will be determined once destination is known.  Shipping within North America - Approximately $300.00, plus insurance.

Length- 29cm (widest point on the front part)
Width- 19cm (widest point on the side of the bust)
Height- 65cm (from base to the head)
Weight - 30 Kilograms 66 pounds
Length- 29cm(widest point on the front part)
Width- 21cm (from back area to the breasts)
Height- 73cm (from base to the head)
Weight: 31 Kilograms 68 pounds

African Chief & Wife Ironwood Carvings
SG001 - $5000.00

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Shipping damage to left ear
can be repaired at final destination
Shadreck Chivandire

First Name: Shadreck
Last Name: Chivandire (he is commonly known as Gumbo to all people but his true last name is Chivandire.  He prefers the name Gumbo).
Date of Birth: 29 July 1956
Primary Education: Gutu Primary 1962-1969
Higher Education: Gutu High 1970-1972(ZJC Level)

Art Course: Muchekete Technical Training Centre 1975-1977

1. Worked for Ivory Kraal in Bulawayo from 1978-1982 carving ivory.
2.Worked for Sondela Curios also in Bulawayo from 1983-1984 carving ivory into jewelry.

Teacher of Art studies in St.Pius School in Njube Township in 1985.

Freelance Art Carver.
Has been a freelance wood carver since 1986.
Between 1986 and 1990 he was a part-time teacher at St.Pius while attending to his own art work as a freelance wood carver.


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